Mobile phone networks and prefixes with price links in Cambodia 2009-10

All mobile phone networks and number prefixes with price links in Cambodia 2009-10. Includes the following cell phone operators: Beeline, Cellcard/Mobitel, Excell, Hello, MetFone, Mfone/Camshin, qbMore, Smart Mobile and Star-Cell.

See below for a list of all mobile phone operators in Cambodia as of October 2009.

I have included a link to the page which lists prices for each operator to help in comparing the call and SMS rates. Some operators make it quite difficult to find the pricing information on their web site. Also many operators are adjusting the prices frequently because of fierce competition and introduction of various (often confusing) promotional offers. It is quite difficult to identify the cell phone provider with the best long-term rates and service at the current market state.

Operator brand (link to website)
Telephone number prefixes Start date Company name Link to prices
Beeline 090, 068, 067 2009-06 Sotelco Ltd. prices
Cellcard / Mobitel 012, 092, 017, 089, 077 1996-11 CamGSM prices
Excell (no GSM services) 018 2008 GT-TELL (Cambodia) Investment Company Ltd. prices
Hello 015, 016, 081 1999-04 Telekom Malaysia International (Cambodia) Co. Ltd prices
MetFone 097, 088 2008-06 Viettel (Cambodia) Pte. Ltd prices
Mfone / Camshin 011, 099, 085 1998-04 Cambodia Shinawatra Co. Ltd prices
qbMore 013, 080, 083, 084 2006-12 Cambodia Advance Communications Co. Ltd (CADCOMMS) prices
Smart Mobile 010, 093 2008-11 Latelz Co. Ltd prices
Star-Cell 098, 086 2007-10 Applifone Co. Ltd prices

I have not even tried to provide links to coverage maps because many operators are not making that information available and the coverage areas are in constant state of change due to network expansions. Based on my personal experience, the only operators with real coverage in rural areas are Cellcard/Mobitel and Mfone/Camshin. MetFone is rapidly expanding their network to rural areas. Their towers are mostly connected to their nation-wide fiber backbone whereas other operators are relying on radio links. Other newcomers are currently focusing on making their network available in bigger cities and along national highways.

The following link is useful for finding out more information about technical details and roaming arrangements of various Cambodian GSM networks:

It was interesting to note that my current ISP Online did not have interconnectivity to be able to access Beeline, qbMore and Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications web sites at the time of this writing. Their sites were found to be fully operational by using a web proxy located outside of Cambodia. Interconnectivity problems between telcos and ISPs are daily life in Cambodia, whether intentional or not.

Updated on 2010-02-23 to include the new Beeline prefix 067.

Updated on 2010-11-11 to include the Metfone prefix 088 and qb prefix 080.