GPRS settings of all GSM networks in Cambodia

Mobile internet GPRS settings for all GSM mobile phone networks in Cambodia. Includes Beeline, Cellcard/Mobitel, Hello, MetFone, MFone, qbMore, Smart Mobile and Star-Cell.

Note: Updated version of this table is available here.

The following table lists GPRS mobile internet settings for all GSM mobile phone networks in Cambodia:

Operator brand (link to website) Number prefixes Access Point Name (APN) Username
Proxy IP
Proxy port
Beeline 090, 068, 067 none none
Cellcard / Mobitel 012, 092, 017, 089, 077 cellcard mobitel
Hello 015, 016, 081 hellowww none none
MetFone 097, 088 metfone none none
Mfone / Camshin 011, 099, 085 Camshin none none
qb 013, 080, 083, 084 wap none none
Smart Mobile 010, 093 smart none
Star-Cell 098, 086 internet none none

Note that the settings for standard/default GPRS service are listed. In case of a special GPRS data subscription plan, the settings may be different. Beeline implements GPRS without settings which means that any settings should work.

An another article at Khmerbird’s blog contains also some potentially useful comparisons between different providers as well as the 3G settings.

Updated on 2010-02-23 to include the new Beeline prefix 067.

Updated on 2010-11-11 to include the Metfone prefix 088 and qb prefix 080.