Beeline sucks

I decided to stop using my Beeline SIM card because it became more expensive to use it than to use Mobitel/Cellcard. Beeline does not send any notification by SMS about expiring balance. They take away all charged money immediately on the expiration date. This happened 3 times and that was enough.

I decided to stop using my secondary Beeline SIM card because it became more expensive to use it than to use Mobitel/Cellcard. Beeline does not send any notification by SMS about expiring balance. They take away all pre-charged money immediately on the expiration date with no warning. This happened 3 times and that was enough. I am not doing business with a company whose main source of income is taking away customers’ pre-paid money, at least in my case (it obviously is not the telephone calls because they are dumping the prices so low that they can not get any profit from calls).

At least Mobitel/Cellcard offers a day after expiration date when you can still recharge and reclaim your past balance. And they are nowadays good at sending notification messages about expiration, already before the balance expiration actually happens. They are clearly putting some efforts in customer service these days (unlike in the past).

Also Beeline was sending some stupid advertisement SMS messages (spam) every day for long time periods. It was quite irritating. I don’t want to receive such crap when I am busy doing something.

Recently Beeline had a marketing campaign titled “Join now. Start getting cool prizes.” which ended on 2010-02-14. They were supposed to be giving one point per every cent spent on their services including surfing the net. Customers were supposed to get their marketing items (pens, umbrellas etc.) after reaching certain point levels. In reality they did not give points for using their GPRS service. No prize for me.

Their international SMS connectivity seemed to be quite bad as well. They did not forget to charge for sent messages, but they did not deliver them. This certainly varies from destination to another.

Their web site is still “under construction” (for about 1.5 months now). They have completely incompetent marketing department if they cannot get some web-monkey to set up something there. Hi Benoit Janin (Beeline’s commercial director), maybe you should go back to Africa and put up your road signs there. If you can set up 86 road signs in one month but can not get a simple web site running for ages, you should not be working in a high-tech company.

My conclusion is that Beeline sucks big time. I will not use their services again. It is surprising that a big international company like VimpelCom fails so miserably in very basic things by appointing incompetent country leaders.

Update on 2010-04-08: Beeline is now (possibly as a result of this article) re-directing visitors to their web site to their Facebook profile which has some useful information. People seem to be able to ask questions publicly there, and they are getting answered by Beeline. That is nice service. Still, it is lacking compared to their past web site: for example it is not possible to find their pricing information or GPRS settings or other similar basic things there. I am confident that the situation will improve.

  • Anonimus

    How much did Cellcard pay you for this “black PR”?

    • ioi

      Hello dear Mr. Anonimus Beeline employee. Did your boss ask you to write this comment?

      It should have been easy for you to notice that this is only the second article in this blog which has a negative attitude towards Beeline’s services or practices. You browsed through pretty much all relevant other articles in this blog before making your comment.

      I was originally excited of Beeline’s entry to the market and I was very positive about your employer, but now I am unsatisfied past customer. I wanted to write about my experiences and to make my point: the advertised calling price is not all that matters, there are many other factors which matter as well. Whatever is important to one individual might not be at all important to someone else, so everyone must make their own decision on what service provider to use.

      One other reader of this blog seems to have had technical difficulties when using Beeline’s services according to his comment but in my case I did not have such problems while staying within a good coverage area. Therefore I did not have anything negative to say about Beeline’s technical performance, except poor international SMS interconnectivity. The interconnection problems between some competing networks within Cambodia are obviously not your employer’s fault.

      Anyway, Beeline has greatly benefited the Cambodian mobile operator sector from customer’s perspective by pushing the overall prices down significantly. Now it is the time to compete in other areas, such as customer service as the government has put a cap on pricing of national voice calls.

      Unfortunately none of the Cambodian mobile phone operators have purchased advertising space in this blog or given me any money for any other reason. If any operator wants to give me money, I will happily accept it, but my blog will stay neutral and reflect only my personal opinions as in the past.

      Previously I could have written many bad experiences about Cellcard/Mobitel, but I did not have this blog at that time. Nowadays in my opinion they are providing pretty good service compared to the past and that is the benefit of competition.

      I have not personally used other networks than Cellcard, Beeline and Hello to be able to make comments from customer’s perspective. It is childish that Beeline can not accept criticism about their services and has to attack me personally by accusing that I have received money from their competition. Why don’t you fix your web site instead?

      Best Regards.

  • lou

    Hi guys, calm down.

    What I would like to say the truth on sms of mobitel kh, is that they can deliver sms to many destination operators in a country.
    So, I must keep this number to be able send/receive sms from/to abroad.

    My suggestion, to operators, if you can’t deliver sms to the oversea network,please don’t charge the fee. We paid sms fee but you don’t do the delivery task 🙂