Up-stream ISPs of Cambodian Internet Service Providers, 2009-12

Report on up-stream peering relationships of all Cambodian internet service providers (ISPs) in December 2009.

Update (2011-12-04): Note that a friend has made an up-to-date version of the Cambodian peering graph. It is probably more interesting than this page (unless you want to know the historical situation). It is also fancier in some other ways. Have a look!

BTW, MekongNet sucks! They have copied this work verbatim without my permission nor credit and posted it at their useless “news” site. They have even removed my copyright from the overall peering graph. I think they are pretty pathetic. People like that stop me from wanting to update this site any more.

Ok, so the actual article begins here:

This time I decided to have a look at the peering relationships of various Cambodian internet service providers (ISPs). The data is based on several BGP routing table snapshots from various international sources during about a week in the middle of December 2009. Continue reading “Up-stream ISPs of Cambodian Internet Service Providers, 2009-12”