How to check pre-paid mobile phone SIM card account balance in Cambodia?

The code for checking the balance/saldo of pre-paid SIM cards is different for every mobile phone network operator in Cambodia. List of the codes and customer support numbers of Cellcard/Mobitel, MetFone, qbMore and Smart Mobile.

The “magic” short code for checking the balance/saldo/credit of a pre-paid SIM cards is different for each and every mobile phone network operator in Cambodia. See the table below:

Operator Prefixes
Balance check code Customer support
Cellcard Mobitel 012, 092, 017, 089, 077 #124# 012 812 812
MetFone 097, 088 *097# 1777
0979 097 097
qbMore 013, 080, 083, 084 #132# 333
013 300 300
Smart Axiata 010, 093 *888# also *222#, *100#, *121#, *132#, *124# 888
010 200 888

I did not include the codes for using the charge cards, because the code for that (which is different for each operator as well) is always printed on the card, so it is unlikely that anyone would benefit from that.

It seems that each GSM cell phone operator decided on inventing their own system of account maintenance and inquiry short codes and numbers instead of copying from each other.

In my opinion this is one thing that the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPTC) should have standardized. It is just confusing for phone users to have a different number/code for each operator; nobody benefits from it. Maybe somebody thought that it is one more aspect in making switching operators more difficult?

Updated on 2010-02-23 to include the new Beeline prefix 067.

Updated on 2010-11-11 to include the Metfone prefix 088 and qb prefix 080.

Updated on 2016-05-18 removed Beeline, Hello, Mfone and Star-Cell as they no longer exist.