Finder IXP participants list

A list of ISPs in Cambodia that are peering and exchanging traffic at Finder IXP (internet exchange point).

The following Cambodian internet service providers have currently (at the time of writing this article) established peering circuits and are exchanging traffic at Finder IXP, which is an independent national internet exchange point located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia:

  • Cambo Technology (ISP) Co. Ltd. (AS17981)
  • CIDC Information Technology Co. Ltd. (AS7712)
  • Hello / TMIC / Telecom Malaysia International (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. (AS38600)
  • MekongNet / Angkor Data Communication Group Co. Ltd. (AS131203)
  • MFONE Co. Ltd. / iS1 / Camshin (AS24239)
  • Online / Cogetel / AZ Communications Co. Ltd. (AS23673)
  • PPCTV / Phnom Penh Cable TV (AS38286)
  • Star-Cell / Applifone Co. Ltd. (AS38723)
  • TeleSURF / Cellcard / Mobitel / CamGSM Co. Ltd. (AS17976)
  • WiCam Corp Co. Ltd. (AS24492)

The AS number listed in parentheses indicates the autonomous system number which the corresponding ISP is using with their peering connection.

By using one of the listed internet service providers you should have a good national connectivity to other ISPs listed in this report.