Finder IXP participants list

A list of ISPs in Cambodia that are peering and exchanging traffic at Finder IXP (internet exchange point).

The following Cambodian internet service providers have currently (at the time of writing this article) established peering circuits and are exchanging traffic at Finder IXP, which is an independent national internet exchange point located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia:

  • Cambo Technology (ISP) Co. Ltd. (AS17981)
  • CIDC Information Technology Co. Ltd. (AS7712)
  • Hello / TMIC / Telecom Malaysia International (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. (AS38600)
  • MekongNet / Angkor Data Communication Group Co. Ltd. (AS131203)
  • MFONE Co. Ltd. / iS1 / Camshin (AS24239)
  • Online / Cogetel / AZ Communications Co. Ltd. (AS23673)
  • PPCTV / Phnom Penh Cable TV (AS38286)
  • Star-Cell / Applifone Co. Ltd. (AS38723)
  • TeleSURF / Cellcard / Mobitel / CamGSM Co. Ltd. (AS17976)
  • WiCam Corp Co. Ltd. (AS24492)

The AS number listed in parentheses indicates the autonomous system number which the corresponding ISP is using with their peering connection.

By using one of the listed internet service providers you should have a good national connectivity to other ISPs listed in this report.

  • maggis

    The following are now also peering with Finder:
    S.I Net / SI Group (AS131207)
    HT Networks Co. Ltd. (AS55559)

    HT Networks seems to be elusive, the website is not really useful and at they say “Welcome to Cambodia IXP, IDC, IXC / Powered by HT Networks.” What is the IXP they refer to? Their admin contact e-mail is at Gmail – classy!
    Anyways they seem to be the second Cambodian service provider having an IPv6 prefix allocation, the another one being MekongNet – good for them! I wonder when more Cambodian ISP would start to adopt IPv6.

    While talking about IPv6, as a part of a small project I needed to do some statistics of delegations by RIRs and noticed that only around 186k IPs are allocated to Cambodia. I hope the ISPs start requesting more prefixes before they run out since 186k IPs are not going to last for too long if Cambodia ever develops. We’re already seeing CGN at different mobile operators such as Mobitel, QB…

  • maggis


  • ioi

    Maggis, Thank You for your updates!

    I am also concerned about the amount of allocated IPv4 space, as it is certainly not enough to enable large-scale internet deployment in Cambodia. ISPs may be forced to start doing NAT at their routers, which will be detrimental to customers who wish to do anything more advanced than simple web surfing.

    On the other hand, the lack of IPv4 addresses might actually be beneficial to the adoption of IPv6 technology. If the forthcoming large-scale internet deployment in Cambodia happens after new IPv4 addresses are no longer available, it could potentially turn Cambodia into a leading country in regards of IPv6 adaptation.

  • mg

    To enlighten you on HT Networks this company received a ISP and DIX license back in January 2010

    A bit of history …

    As some may know last year (2009) we had some concerns about MPTC maybe forcing all ISPs to close their domestic/international links and force all ISPs to buy capacity (domestic and international) from new license holders like HT Networks and/or Telecom Cambodia.

    Since then some high level meetings later the Minister of MPTC agreed that MPTC will work out a new DIX and IX license and currently no licenses are valid for DIX or IX wholesale.

    Right now there are 3 DIX nodes in Cambodia; Finder, Sabay/CIDC and Mekongnet, all 3 are interconnected and provide DIX services for free to the community but without being allowed to do so by MPTC.

    HT Networks is claiming to have a licenses (despite remarks by the Minister in April 2010 that no DIX is valid) and is trying to build a DIX network that will be fee based and will start charging for services in 2011.

    The new regulation will be out any day now …. or so we have been promised since August 2010

  • David

    So what is the status of the new regulation now ? Does MPTC have the license DIX & IXP yet ?