Mobile Internet (3G/W-CDMA/UMTS/HSPA & GPRS/EDGE) settings in Cambodia

Mobile internet 3G/GPRS settings for all mobile phone networks in Cambodia. Includes Beeline, Cellcard/Mobitel, Hello, MetFone, MFone, qbMore and Smart Mobile.

The following table lists mobile broadband internet settings for all GSM/3G mobile phone networks in Cambodia:

Operator Number prefixes 3G Access Point Name (APN) Username
More information
Beeline 090, 068, 067, 066, 060 no none
Cellcard / Mobitel 012, 092, 017, 089, 077, 078 yes cellcard mobitel
Hello 015, 016, 081, 087 yes hellowww none prepaid
MetFone 097, 088 yes metfone none link
Mfone / Camshin 011, 099, 085 yes Mfone none settings PDF
auto config
qb 013, 080, 083, 084 yes WAP none link
Smart Mobile 010, 086, 070, 093, 098 yes smart none link

Note that the listed settings are for standard/default 3G and/or GPRS internet service. The settings may be different in case of a special data subscription plan. Beeline and Hello implement GPRS without settings which means that any settings should work.

The 3G column indicates if 3G/W-CDMA/UMTS/HSDPA/HSPA services are available. If not, then only traditional slower GSM/GPRS/EDGE connection is possible in that network.

None of the listed networks require any proxy settings for normal mobile internet usage.

Different settings are usually needed for MMS (multi-media messages) and WAP browsing.

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    the worst 3g modem internet provider is Smart. service just sucks. I fell for their promotion of $30. for a usb modem with 3 months of internet free. I bought it a week ago and it never worked. always disconnects or cannot access webpages.. uploads at under 1.5 kbps and download at less than 1 kbps. and their attitude is ” you bought it now you are f******g stuck with it so live with it.” I have now went back to Metfone.. no problems there,

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