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  • rathanaem29

    The Natural FINCUBE

    is a new modular with natural high-tech, according to furniture shop in
    Cambodiaconstruction materials

    house is such a kind of the sustainable and transportable low-energy house. One
    more thing it was created with a 1200m above sea level and a brilliant view of
    the famous mountains.

    this FINCUBE is a materialized vision of a small housing unit with a long
    lifecycle and it can easily be dismantled and rebuilt on a new site, and the
    nature hideaways are more importance.

    it requires minimum soil sealing 2 m that are easily renatured after it is
    moved to other place.

  • chamroeunlampard

    The Conceptual Journey House

    This house is designed as the elegant place for living with the vast open space, trustworthy construction in Cambodia construction materials cited.

    By this way this house is offers conceptual journey through voids, solids and shadow light dace, and it is also designed with serenity of complexion and very brightening of light correspond with the spirit of the desert and the sea which is visible in the distance.

    Indeed the house’s materials and textures used to inhabit the space are austere, smooth and material so not to disturb the continuity of the surfaces.

    In addition the
    house hold a dynamic dialog between light and shadow, open and void spaces and
    interesting curves and angles.