Cambodia web hosting survey 2012

This is a survey of most popular web sites that are hosted in Cambodia. Traditionally many organizations have chosen to host their web sites overseas (mainly in the USA). Now that the internet prices have come down, some have chosen to use hosting services provided by Cambodian ISPs. This gives users in Cambodia faster response times when accessing these web sites compared to sites hosted in other countries.

These statistics are based on Alexa top 1 million global sites list as published on 2012‑10‑21. Note that the Alexa ranking is based on the web browsing habits of Alexa Toolbar users which represents only a small proportion of all internet users.

First, a list of the top sites hosted in Cambodia, sorted by their global Alexa ranking, which roughly reflects the global popularity of the web site:

Alexa rank Web site ISP
9413 Digi
9862 Digi
10878 CIDC IT
12799 VTC Online
17707 Cambo Technlogy
29963 Digi
43422 Online
62251 Ezecom
69192 Chuan Wei
69461 TeleSURF/Mobitel
122232 MekongNet
152385 CIDC IT
173409 Digi
197044 CIDC IT
209065 MekongNet
211561 Smart Mobile
217118 TeleSURF/Mobitel
216933 Digi
220399 Ezecom
239986 CIDC IT
377924 MetFone
395868 WiCAM
402807 MFone
419128 MetFone
430104 Digi
484046 Digi
517122 VTC Online
598877 Digi
613142 Digi
645928 MekongNet
680721 MekongNet
715479 Online
740776 Digi
741513 CamNet
775142 CSX
783103 VTC Online
823443 MekongNet
831464 CIDC IT
911460 MekongNet
915794 MetFone
930545 SI Group
979809 Digi

Number of top sites per ISPs

The following graph shows the number of these web sites hosted by each different ISP:

ISPs of web sites in Cambodia 2012

It appears that Digi, MekongNet and CIDC IT are currently the three most popular web site hosting providers in Cambodia when looking at web sites ranked in the Alexa top 1 million global sites list.

  • redjuly99

    Sophisticate Elegance House

    Leading to furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials said there is a modest single home for a family
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    In addition, this home will make you feel evocative of the mid-century
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    Moreover the size of the house is connected with a style of art toward
    materials and detailing, and it focuses on art and nature.

  • indo vannak

    The Green Living Room

    Trustworthy to furniture shop in Cambodia construction materialsreported, there is living room was designed to
    extend into the green.

    One more thing the idea of this design is the greater space, but it is
    the private place for the family through the planned of using slated boundary
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    In addition the fencing and landscaping conceal the change in level and
    the green wall cools the filtered breeze and acts as a sunscreen to the 1st

    Anyway the second storey is the bedroom box, the rooms arranged in a row
    along the outer edge and each room has beautiful view out.

  • emratha

    The Beautiful Green View Office

    Trustworthy to furniture shop in Phnom Penh
    construction materialssaid, there is an old house is used as office premises.

    One more thing this old one will make you feel better and strong by its beauty and vast space.

    Moreover it also has the original indoor layout was used as the basis for the new floor plan design.

    In addition its characteristic features include the wide central corridor on the various levels and marble floor and an attractive ceiling echo.

    Anyway this office will make you feel fresh with the beautiful, green forest view outside and clear environment.

  • chamroeunluis

    Connecting with the nature

    “The three bathrooms in this house are similarly sized
    and share many common materials. In this ensuite, however, we wanted to
    introduce the timber element to create a luxurious, soft, enclosed
    feeling,” stated architect Christian Anderson about the theme of the
    bathroom able to bring owners closer to the nature by using natural materials.

    The bathtub also the
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    In addition to the
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