Cambodia web hosting survey 2012

This is a survey of most popular web sites that are hosted in Cambodia. Traditionally many organizations have chosen to host their web sites overseas (mainly in the USA). Now that the internet prices have come down, some have chosen to use hosting services provided by Cambodian ISPs. This gives users in Cambodia faster response times when accessing these web sites compared to sites hosted in other countries.

These statistics are based on Alexa top 1 million global sites list as published on 2012‑10‑21. Note that the Alexa ranking is based on the web browsing habits of Alexa Toolbar users which represents only a small proportion of all internet users.

First, a list of the top sites hosted in Cambodia, sorted by their global Alexa ranking, which roughly reflects the global popularity of the web site: Continue Reading »

Mobile Internet (3G/W-CDMA/UMTS/HSPA & GPRS/EDGE) settings in Cambodia

The following table lists mobile broadband internet settings for all GSM/3G mobile phone networks in Cambodia:
Continue Reading »

Finder IXP participants list

The following Cambodian internet service providers have currently (at the time of writing this article) established peering circuits and are exchanging traffic at Finder IXP, which is an independent national internet exchange point located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Continue Reading »

Mobile phone voice call price comparison, Cambodia 2010-03

The Phnom Penh Post has made a new comparison of mobile phone voice call prices in Cambodia. The comparison is simple and does not account for special promotions and does not take in account other differences in the services. Continue Reading »

Beeline sucks

I decided to stop using my secondary Beeline SIM card because it became more expensive to use it than to use Mobitel/Cellcard. Beeline does not send any notification by SMS about expiring balance. They take away all pre-charged money immediately on the expiration date with no warning. This happened 3 times and that was enough. Continue Reading »

City Link is the first Cambodian ISP to start IPv6 adaptation

According to the APNIC whois database they have recently (on 2010-02-11) allocated an IPv6 address range to City Link.

Their IPv6 prefix 2404:cc00::/32 has not been seen in the internet routing table yet, Continue Reading »

Beeline announces new prefix and new prices, web site down

Beeline has announced their new dialing prefix 067 a few days ago in advertisements. I have updated the relevant past posts in this blog.

They also announced new prices by sending an SMS to existing Super Zero customers Continue Reading »

International call prefixes and prices of GSM mobile operators in Cambodia

Cambodia has traditionally only two official gateways for international telephone calls:

  • 001: Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPTC) / Telecom Cambodia (T.C.)
  • 007: Royal Telecam International (RTI), subsidiary of MobiTel, also known as TELE2

Calling through either of these gateways is very expensive (usually more than one dollar per minute).

Fortunately all GSM mobile phone network operators in Cambodia have introduced a cheaper alternative for making international calls. It is often based on voice-over-IP (VOIP) technology. See the table below for information about each operator: Continue Reading »

Up-stream ISPs of Cambodian Internet Service Providers, 2009-12

Update (2011-12-04): Note that a friend has made an up-to-date version of the Cambodian peering graph. It is probably more interesting than this page (unless you want to know the historical situation). It is also fancier in some other ways. Have a look!

BTW, MekongNet sucks! They have copied this work verbatim without my permission nor credit and posted it at their useless “news” site. They have even removed my copyright from the overall peering graph. I think they are pretty pathetic. People like that stop me from wanting to update this site any more.

Ok, so the actual article begins here:

This time I decided to have a look at the peering relationships of various Cambodian internet service providers (ISPs). The data is based on several BGP routing table snapshots from various international sources during about a week in the middle of December 2009. Continue Reading »

GPRS settings of all GSM networks in Cambodia

Note: Updated version of this table is available here.

The following table lists GPRS mobile internet settings for all GSM mobile phone networks in Cambodia: Continue Reading »